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Want to move out of your comfort zone and take your adventure to the next level?
Then try one of our skills-based workshops! In line with the new directions in mental health you’re guaranteed to improve your physical, mental, social and spiritual well being.

Retrain My Brain

1. Retrain My Brain

We’ll explore some of the latest neuroscience using simple examples. You’ll learn practical ways to boost your brain’s performance, be more focused and stress less. It’s a no brainer! 

Rewrite My Inner Script

2. Rewrite My Inner Script

Up for a challenge? Then take a look in the mirror and have a good look at your inner script. We’ll explore our strengths and weaknesses, and use neuroplasticity to rewrite your new inner script.

Re-balance My Life

 3. Re-balance My Life

If you don’t change direction, you’ll end up where you’re headed. This workshop explores what’s most important and how to move toward your personal goals in more balanced practical ways.

Dark Night of My Soul

 4. Dark Night of My Soul

Can’t get no satisfaction? Life map not working out as well as you planned? Then toss away the old map and start living without one. We’ll explore maps, dark nights and spiritual awakenings. 

 Let My Life Speak

 5. Let My Life Speak

Before you tell yourself what to do with your life, it’s a good idea to listen to it first. This workshop is a journey of self-discovery drawing on narrative therapy principles. 

Mentor Skills

 6. People Skills

Want to take your people skills to the next level? This workshop teaches you a simple and effective core compassion skill that has been used successfully at university for many years (Note: Let My Life Speak is a prerequisite for this workshop).

Workshop Fees

If you are on a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) you are entitled to up to 10 group sessions in addition to 10 individual sessions per calendar year. If you have a Concession Card (CC) there will be no gap. Otherwise, there will be a gap of $20 per session. If you are Full Paying (i.e. without MHCP) the cost is $40 per session. Full Paying with CC is $20 per session. If paying on private health insurance please check with your provider for group therapy rebates.

Note: A discount of $5 per session is available when total payment is made before the first session.


Availability of Workshops

Each workshop has four 1 hour sessions over 4 consecutive weeks Workshops are run either Tuesday Nights 7.30-8.30pm OR Wednesday Mornings 9.30-10.30am.

Contact our office for further information. 


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Lifeboat  is located 100m up the hill from the Seacliff Railway Station